Pickens County Meals on Wheels

Nutrition Counseling and Education

F or seniors, chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease can also be a concern for the nutritional health of older adults. We want to empower older adults to take control of their health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through increased self-efficacy and self-management.
Our Nutrition Counselors offer a supportive process which includes goal setting and an individualized eating plan within the parameters of responsible self-care. These services are provided by a registered dietician or nutrition professional.

  • Nutrition counseling is offered in a group setting monthly
  • Individual counseling is also available


Referral Guidelines

Persons aged sixty (60) years or older are eligible to receive these services, but priority is given to targeted populations that reside in medically underserved areas such as:

  • Primary caregivers of eligible older persons who seek nutritional counseling and education services.
  • Older individuals who have the greatest economic and social needs for services.
  • Older individuals who are at increased risk of health impairment.
  • Older Individuals without access to other preventive and health maintenance services.
  • Older individuals who live in rural areas.
  • Courtesy meal for caregiver will be considered at the approval of Executive Director.


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