Pickens County Meals on Wheels

Riverboat Casino Night

  • Live Online Auction
  • Auction ends 11/14/17 at 8pm

  • November 4, 2017

November 4, 2017

Online Auction & Raffle in lieu of Riverboat Casino Night

After receiving word from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office that South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) would shut down our upcoming Riverboat Casino themed fundraiser, we have had no choice but to alter our plans.

Instead we will be hosting an Online Live Auction and Raffle starting on November 4th at 10am until November 14th at 8pm. We have many great items for auction. We have getaways, gift certificates for dinner out, golf car, an airplane ride over the upstate and much more!

The Casino Night was scheduled to be one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. We now need the community’s help more than ever with our upcoming auction.  Here’s just a few pictures of items that will be up for auction.



Registering is so easy!! Visit pcmow.home.qtego.net or Text the word MEAL to 79230


Good luck and may the person with the highest BID win!!



Pickens County Meals on Wheels (PCMOW) was alerted by Sheriff Rick Clark last week that State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) had concerns with the legality of our Riverboat Casino Night fundraiser. Specifically, on Monday, October 9, 2017 PCMOW was informed by the Pickens County Sherriff’s Office that SLED would shut the event down if PCMOW moved forward as advertised. PCMOW officials spent the week attempting to resolve the matter.
PCMOW consulted with Attorney Les Hendricks in an attempt to find a way to hold the event. He met with the Sheriff to determine exactly what issue SLED might have with the event. The Sheriff then presented an opinion that his office had requested from the S.C. Attorney General which held the opinion that our Casino Night is illegal. Our attorney then contacted SLED and the Attorney General.
Casino Night charitable fundraisers frequently take place across the state without any restriction from state law enforcement. The PCMOW Riverboat Casino Night was structured exactly as required by S.C. Code 33-57-100 (C) (2) which says “ No person shall conduct a fundraising event commonly known and operated as a ‘casino night’ , ‘Las Vegas night’, or ‘Monte Carlo night’ involving live individuals playing roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or other card games, or dice games, unless the event is conducted only for entertainment purposes and no prizes, financial rewards, or incentives are received by players.” The Riverboat Casino Night will have no prizes.
It appears that the negative opinion of the Attorney General centers on the issue of whether a prize will be given from playing the casino games. PCMOW is not awarding any prizes from playing the casino games but the Attorney General said that even if no tangible prize is given that if there is “the betting of chips in poker, roulette, or similar games of chance that allow a person to continue playing if they win, it is the opinion of this Office that such an event still violates the law.” While it is, the legal opinion of Les Hendricks that PCMOW would win this argument in the court of law, it is also his advice that pursuing a legal battle would most likely not win in the court of public opinion, and over the long-run be detrimental to the reputation of the organization. While PCMOW, and our attorney, believe the Attorney General to be in error we will not proceed with the event as structured unless- once a full understanding of the event is presented for analysis- the Attorney General’s opinion is that our event is legal.
At our request, several members of our county legislative delegation have formally requested the Attorney General to review its opinion of the event with accurate and specific facts as to how PCMOW will run the Riverboat Casino Night. Hopefully, with the support of the delegation we will receive a quick response.
Like it or not, these are the cards that have been dealt.
It is not PCMOW’s intent to change public policy or opinion. The Riverboat Casino Night is simply a fundraising event that would support our senior neighbors and help them lead the independent, connected and nourished lives they deserve. In addition, 2017 has been a particularly challenging year for the organization. Between the months of April and September, unexpected repairs and/or replacement of existing equipment – vital to the day-to-day operations – have escalated to over $21,000 in additional expenses! The upcoming Riverboat Casino Night was anticipated to be a fun night that would raise a much-needed $30,000 for its programs and operations.
Ultimately, the brand and reputation of the organization and its constituents is of utmost importance. Going forward, PCMOW will transform this event as necessary and prevail despite of the absurdity of this situation.
As of today, the event is postponed. In lieu of the Casino Night on November 4th, PCMOW will host an online raffle and silent auction. The auction will be launched on Saturday November 4, 2017. More details will be forthcoming. Please stay up to date through our website, www.pcmow.org and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Pickens-County-Meals-on-Wheels-99942029763/.
Public support has never been more important than right now! The seniors served by Meals on Wheels are counting on us. Together, we can strengthen our community as a place where we can all live, work, raise families, retire and age knowing that we are not a burden, but a valued member of our community for as long as we live. Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our sponsors:


Senator Rex Rice

K & S Steel Erectors & Crane

Beeson – Rosier Group